Masjid General Information:
5 DAILY PRAYERS: Prayers as scheduled on its times for Salat Fajer, Salat Duhur, Salat Asar, Salat Mugrip and Salat Ishah.

JUMAH PRAYERS: Friday 1:15 Salat Jumah

MONTH OF RAMADAN- Salat TARAWEEH Starting after Salat Ishah.

Saturday  Evening  – Community Meeting after Salat Mugrep.

Masjid Abdul Aziz Islamic Center Activities:
a – Perform Marriages by Appointment (Imam Masjid is Licenced by the James City County at  Williamsburg VA).
b – Perform Janazah by Appointment.
c – Provide Certificate of Marriage, Shahadah and permissions Certificates for Travel for Haj and Umrah.
d – Dawah and Information Sources about Islam for the Williamsburg Community and surroundings Areas.
e – Hold Islamic Community Meetings and Festivities.
f – Web-Site Information for on-Line Help on Islamic Inquiries and Information needed on general aspects of life, provisions, Marriages, divorces, consolidating, life activities, Islamic Laws, Islamic Shariah, Jobs & Career issues, Unjust Treatment, Family Conflicts, Work Environments & Activities, Performing daily Prayers & Salat, Hijab attire, Miss-Treatment & Bullying and  Individuals threats or abuse.